ask-royal-wotts asked:
Mijuma: *snuggled up to Nova neck fluff

Nova: Heh, hey.

Anonymous asked:
Could you cut your posts please?

(What are you talking about?)




for real

(via team-reverie)

Anonymous asked:
You excited for you wife expecting a child?

Roxas: Of course.

Anonymous asked:
so who is the best person everyone has slept with?

Roxas blush. “I’m not answering that…”

ask-royal-wotts asked:
Mijuma: hehehe yeah that

Roxas smiled. “Well, that great.”

ask-royal-wotts asked:
Reginald : I'm gonna be a big brother! I'm gonna be a big brother!


ask-royal-wotts asked:
"umm dear..."

Roxas: Yes?

Roxas: Hey, everyone. I got a new game to stream, thanks to Roxanne. Today, I’m showcasing inFamous: Second Son. Heh, I’m a big Sucker Punch gaming fan and a inFamous fan as well, so I’m glad I finally got this game. You guys know I’m Mr. Nice Guy but for this stream I’ll be showing my inFamous side. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the mayhem.

maxandhispals asked:

Roxas: What?